Table 15: Example of allocation of points based on financial criteria

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Rather than a detailed analysis of each criterion, the financial offers should be ranked according to 3 overall criteria:
  • the sum of the operating costs, identified by adding together the various cost items presented in detail by each of the tenderers
    • raw materials costs;
    • labour costs;
    • operating costs;
  • the financial impact of the proposed investment (where the tender process includes a requirement for the CCC to take on all or part of the investment);
  • and, the price proposed to the end user (day charge at a retirement home, meal cost at a school…).

Depending on the catering policies of the entity concerned, the weighting allocated to each of these three criteria will vary considerably.

In the example in Table 15, the entity has included a project for the overall upgrading of its catering premises. As part of this investment cost will impact the end user through higher meal prices, the entity has divided up the total 40 points allocated to financial criteria as follows (according to the working hypothesis used here):

Number of points allocated
Operating costs 20
Investment 15
Tenderer’s proposal regarding price at which meals are sold to end users 5
Total :

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