Table 14: Example of allocation of points based on technical criteria

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Table 14 shows an example of how points might be allocated to the technical criteria. In this example the tendering entity awarded 60 points to technical (quality) criteria and 40 points to financial (price) criteria.  Here the qualitative criteria take precedence over the price of the service, though the latter remains an important factor.

1 - Criteria relating to components making up the service
Number of points allocated to criterion
A - Catering objectives of the entity 1
B - Service limitations defined in the specifications 1
C - Organisational constraints defined in the specifications 1
D - Technical constraints 1
Subtotal for criteria relating to service provision :
2 - Criteria relating to the entity’s expectations regarding quality of service provided
Number of points allocated to criterion
A - Food service
General requirements of the specifications 3
Nutritional requirements of the specifications 3
Requirements relating to promotional activities 3
Overall attractiveness of the food offer 3
B - Organisation of human resources
Requirements relating to staff take-over/transfer conditions 3
Requirements relating to staff recruitment or redeployment 3
Requirements relating to staff qualifications and training 3
Requirements relating to the training programme proposed for existing employees 3
Operational management of the contract 4
Operational management of the restaurant 3
Organisational coherence of work on a day-to-day basis 2
C - Quality management
Food Hygiene and Safety guarantee (HACCP principles) 2
Control of supplies 2
Quality of service monitoring 3
Resources used to monitor quality of service 2
Subtotal for criteria linked to quality of service :
3 - Other criteria in the specifications
Number of points allocated to criterion
Social responsibility requirements 3
Safety requirements 2
Requirements for monitoring contractual obligations 2
Investment-related expectations: scale, sustainability, architectural quality… 2
Conformity of investment with regulations (health, work safety, establishments open to the public…as appropriate) 2
Resources made available by tendering entity  
Premises 1
Facilities 1
Small-scale equipment 1
Subtotal for other criteria :

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